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Alcohol and Drug News 




Free  Drug and Alcohol Information.

Drug and Alcohol Information, Cannabis, Heroin,


Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training and Policy Development

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training for Businesses, Drug and Alcohol Policy Development and Review Services.


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NEW! Visit our Home Page for Technical Support and Articles

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     Drug-Aware 7 Drug Integrated Test Cup

    Drug-Aware Urine Drug Testing Kits - at wholesale prices!

    Drug-Aware Drug Test Kits, Testing Cassettes and Multipanel Tests


    AlcoScreen saliva alcohol test kits

    Easy to use Alcohol Testing Kits - for Saliva, Urine or Breath, with Electronic Units Available.

    Alco-Check Breath Alcohol Test Kits / Breathalyser

    Laboratory Drug and Alcohol Testing Services for Urine or Hair Screening - plus GC/MS Confirmation

    Laboratory Drug and Alcohol Screening Services, GC/MS


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