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    Drug Tests are our forte!  Drug-Aware has been supplying quality Drug Tests to the National Health Service (NHS), private hospitals, drug rehabilitation services, GP's and companies across the UK for over seven years.  Our fantastic wholesale pricing on drug tests and free support services including free training, literature and telephone technical support has enabled us to create long standing relationships with our many customers and to be thought of as the first port of call when customers require on-site drug tests.

    Benefits of our Drug Tests:

    • Quick - Drug Tests give results in 5 minutes or less!

    • Reliable - Our Drug Tests give results which are 99% as accurate as a standard laboratory screen.

    • Simple to use - Our drug test cups are designed so that you don't even have to handle the specimen.  Simply use the plastic key provided to activate it!

    • Great Price - We consider ourselves to be a wholesale supplier.  As a result, you will not get a better UK price.  If you do, let us know so that we can beat it!

    Integrated Drug Tests are the future! - A Seven Drug Test Cup where you don't come into contact with the sample!

    Drug Tests


    If you would like a quotation for our great value Drug Tests, please contact us.  We would be happy to post some free samples and information for your evaluation.  (Free samples are for UK healthcare / corporate professionals only and are not for private individuals).

    Drug Tests and drug information

    Or visit our home drug tests FAQ page to buy home drug test kits online.

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    Which kind of drug tests are best for you?

    If you are conducting broad spectrum drug screens, we have multiple drug tests, such as the 7 drug test cup - which detects:

    Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiates, Methadone and Methamphetamines (including ecstasy).

    Alternatively, if you only require a test result for one or two specific substances, we offer a range of 10 different single drug tests.  All you need to do is pipette 4 drops of urine sample onto the test and the test results will appear within just 5 minutes.  Negative test results are frequently visible in less than 1 minute!

    Drug Tests

    Single drug tests are offered for the following classes of drug:

    Amphetamines · Buprenorphine / Subutex · Benzodiazepines · Barbiturates · Cannabis · Cocaine · Methadone · Methamphetamines (including ecstasy) · Opiates · PCP · Tricyclic Antidepressants

    We also offer Saliva Drug Test - Oral Fluid Drug Testing for non invasive testing.  If you require a longer detection window, then perhaps our Hair Drug Test service would be of use?


    So why choose Drug-Aware as your supplier of Drug Tests?

    We pride ourselves at Drug-Aware on offering our customers a complete package when it comes to Drug Tests.  Just have a look at the additional extras we provide as standard!



    Drug Tests

       Free drug tests samples - so you can try before you buy.  (Available to Companies and healthcare organisations rather than private individuals).


      Free literature - wallcharts, consent forms, procedures, technical data and more.


      Free rapid delivery (within the UK) - products despatched free of charge within 24 hours, unless otherwise notified.


      Free training (within the UK) - we are happy to visit your premises to train and certificate your team in rapid drug and alcohol testing and the surrounding issues.


      Free technical support - e.g. How long is alcohol detectable in the body? Procedural assistance, etc.


      Product guarantees - we operate a no-quibble refund or replacement scheme if the products fail to meet their specifications.


      Laboratory support - we offer the services of a UKAS accredited laboratory to conduct routine screening tests or to confirm the results of Drug-Aware™ products.



    Please contact us today for free product samples and assistance from a friendly expert on Drug Tests.

    For technical information on various drugs and more information relevant to drug testing, please visit our technical drug information section.

    For more information on the literature and accessories that we can provide to support our drug and alcohol testing products, please visit our testing accessories section.

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