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Saliva Drug Test – Oral Fluid Drug TestingSaliva Drug Test - Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Saliva Drug Test Kits or Oral Fluid Drug Testing Kits are a new generation of drug testing kits designed to simplify the sample collection process. They eliminate any requirement for same-sex collectors when a drugs test is undertaken and allow the sample collection process to be fully observed. Non invasive drug testing has taken a while to get here, but the oral drug tests we provide are truly excellent. They are a one-step device which gives saliva drug test results in just 5 minutes for the six most commonly abused drugs.

Saliva Drug Testing Detection Times

Oral drug testing will never replace urine drug testing or hair drug tests because each type of test gives you different information. Hair testing detects drug use over a period of months, urine testing detects drug use for a period of days and saliva drug tests measure a drug history in hours. For monitoring abstinence, urine drug testing is still the most reliable method of testing, but sometimes oral fluid drug testing can provide an excellent backup – especially if toilet facilities are unavailable.

What drugs will the Oratect 3 Saliva Drug Test Detect?

This device is designed to detect Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis / Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Methamphetamines (including Ecstasy / MDMA) and Opiates (including Heroin).

How to use the Oratect III Saliva Drug Test

When you remove the Oratect III saliva test from its sealed foil pouch, you will see that there are two blue lines visible in the results windows. These are designed to indicate that sufficient sample has been collected. (As saliva / oral fluid travels through the device, the blue lines will migrate with it – showing that the test has been completed successfully.)

We provide consent forms with all of our tests. Contact us for more details. To collect a saliva / oral fluid sample, simply remove the blue cap from the device and ask the patient to open their mouth. Swab the inside of their cheek in a circular motion approximately 15 times. Swab the inside of their other cheek in the same manner. Swab the top of their tongue approximately 15 times, then repeat under their tongue. This process stimulates the production of saliva. Ask the patient to hold the saliva drug test device under their tongue, where the exposed pad will absorb the oral fluid which will have gathered under their tongue.

After around 30 seconds, you will see the blue lines starting to migrate up the results window, being carried by the saliva / oral fluid. At this point, you may ask the patient to remove the device and replace the blue cap.

How To Read Saliva Drug Test Results

Reading the test results is a simple process. The test results are displayed on two test strips. Each strip will show a control line (marked C) upon completion – to show that the test worked and was not adulterated in any way. The drug test results appear as a series of coloured lines. Each line represents a different drug. If a visible line is present for each corresponding drug, the test is negative. If a line is missing after 5 minutes, then that corresponding drug is considered to be positive. Therefore, a fully negative test will display 8 coloured lines – 2 control lines and 6 test lines.

For businesses or health care professionals, please contact us for further information and a quotation. Private individuals can buy online from our dedicated home drug tests web site.

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