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At Drug-Aware.com, we appreciate that there is more to drug screening than simply using a rapid test. On that basis, we provide all of the drug testing accessories you are likely to need when drug or alcohol screening:

Drug Testing Literature:

Consent forms - to cover legal obligations and to provide a record of the test.

Urine collection procedures / protocols - to ensure that the most reliable sample possible is obtained, without the need to supervise the individual.

Technical data sheets - to provide a broad level of drug information and procedural support.

Wall charts - in addition to test instructions, we also provide wall charts covering a number of issues including how to perform a test, drug types with useful testing facts, alcohol information, etc. These wall charts are very user friendly and help to brighten up any clinical environment.

Product guarantee certificates - every order of kits is provided with a guarantee certificate to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We even supply a range of training courses to help managers implement workplace drug testing. 

Call on 0845 900 2755 for free advice from a friendly expert!

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urine drug tests

Urine collection cups and temperature strips:

Our gender friendly sealable urine cups are designed to provide a cost effective and professional solution to sample collection. These can also be combined with temperature strips to help ensure that the urine sample collected has not been diluted or substituted by another sample. Body temperature is 37°C, so provided that the liquid crystal strip shows a green colouration, you can rest assured that the sample is within normal parameters.


Disposable gloves:

In the interests of hygiene, it is important that appropriate safety precautions are taken when handling urine samples - such as wearing protective gloves. Our vinyl gloves are an ideal solution and are available in boxes of 100 gloves.

drug test accessories
adulteration/dilution tests

Adulteration / dilution tests:

The Drug-Aware™ Adulteration tests are designed to detect the most common forms of adulteration and dilution. Simply dip the strip into the sample and compare the seven coloured pads with the colour chart on the bottle.

Due to the technology involved in Drug-Aware™ tests it is not possible to make a positive urine sample test negative by adding chemicals, but it is possible to contaminate the sample to create an invalid test. Consequently, if the test device gives an invalid result, if the sample is very clear or an unusual colour, or if the sample isn't body temperature you should consider testing for adulteration or dilution.

Many organisations have adjusted their procedures to make the consequences of providing an adulterated urine sample more severe than testing positive. This helps to discourage adulteration.

Drug-Aware™ Adulteration tests can detect the following:


Creatinine and Specific Gravity - to detect dilution.


pH - to detect if anything acidic or alkaline has been used to interfere with the test.


Bleach (Hypochlorite) - interferes with immunoassay screen by raising pH and denaturing the antibodies.


Nitrite - interferes with the GC/MS confirmation test when detecting Cannabis use.


Glutaraldehyde - interferes with immunoassay screen by denaturing the antibodies.


Pyridinium Chlorochromate - interferes with the GC/MS confirmation test when detecting Cannabis use.

To order drug testing kits online, please visit our order page.  Alternatively, if you are looking for a complete workplace drug testing solution - from policy through to staff training and on-site testing, please call us on 0845 900 2755 or visit our training and consultancy page for more information and to request a brochure.


At Drug-Aware.com, we pride ourselves on our level of customer support and firmly believe that our clients should see us as their long-term partners in patient care. On that basis, we offer all of the support, training and product guarantees that you could need:

drug awareness

A Free sample - so you can try before you buy (available for healthcare professionals and companies).

Free literature - wall charts, consent forms, protocols, procedures, technical data and more.

Free rapid delivery (within the UK) - products despatched free of charge within 24 hours, unless otherwise notified.

Free training for NHS healthcare professionals (within the UK) - we are happy to visit your premises to train and certificate your team in rapid drug and alcohol testing and the surrounding issues. Corporate training packages are also available at very reasonable rates - please call 0845 900 2755 for details.

Free technical support - which medicines cross react? How long are drugs detectable in the body? Procedural assistance, etc.

Product guarantees - we operate a no-quibble refund or replacement scheme if the products fail to meet their specifications.

Laboratory support - we offer the services of a UKAS accredited laboratory to conduct routine screening tests or to confirm the results of Drug-Aware™ products.

Please contact us today for a free product sample and assistance from a friendly expert.

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