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    Breathalyzer / AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test Kits and Electronic Breath Alcohol Testing Units.

    Breath testing results in minutes - measure from zero tolerance levels to several times over the legal drink drive limit.

    Breathalyzer tests for detecting alcohol in breath are a long-standing and reliable method of measuring blood or breath alcohol levels.  We have cost effective disposable AlcoCheck Breathalyzer units for test results in just 2 minutes and two types of electronic breath alcohol tests for results in seconds - the AlcoMate Prestige and the AlcoMeter 500.  These tests can be purchased online for same day despatch worldwide.  Buy your Breathalyzers online or contact us for more information.

    Buy Breathalyzers Online

    Our accurate on-site alcohol test kits and digital breath alcohol tests are suitable for use in the workplace, by healthcare professionals or for home use.  Many use them to measure against the legal drink drive limit in their country or state. In the UK, and in the USA this is 80mg/dl or 0.08% BAC (blood alcohol concentration).

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    Electronic Breath Alcohol Testing Units

    If you are screening for alcohol on a regular basis, it is more cost effective to purchase an electronic breathalyzer unit.   Our AlcoMate Prestige electronic breath testing units are very high quality and use disposable mouthpieces to ensure that every test is as accurate as the last.


    AlcoMate Prestige Electronic Breath Alcohol Unit

    Alcomate Prestige Breath Alcohol TestThe AlcoMate Prestige electronic breath test is unique in it's class.  All other breath testing units require costly annual calibration or their accuracy diminishes.  However, due to a clever new patent pending system, you simply replace the sensor module after 300 tests or 1 year - whichever comes sooner.  One-way "flow check" mouthpieces are provided in lots of 100.

    The AlcoMate Prestige is very simple to use - just hold the button until it bleeps, wait a few seconds for the countdown while the unit clears its sensor, then as soon as it bleeps again just blow through the mouthpiece.  The unit will indicate when sufficient breath sample is obtained (after about 5 seconds), then the result will appear in the digital display.  Results read from zero tolerance all the way up to several times over the legal drink drive limit in the UK.  The result is expressed as % blood alcohol concentration or BAC, so it is suitable for use in any country or jurisdiction.  Overall, an ideal portable personal breathalyzer machine. 

    FDA 510(k) Certified  ●  NF/CE Mark  ●  DOT/NTHSA Approved  ●  Meets US Coast Guard Requirements  ●  Detection Range: 0.00% - 0.40% BAC  ●  Accuracy: +/-0.01 at 0.10% BAC  ●  Deep-lung air sampling system  ●  Pressure sensor system  ●  Cumulative Test Counter  ●  Low Battery Indicator  ●  One-way air mouthpieces  ●  Auto Power-Off  ●  1 year warranty  ●  Lifetime Tests: 3000 tests

    (All prices are in Great British Pounds - GBP)


    1 x AlcoMate Prestige AL-6000: £109.20 (£109.20 each / 91.00 + VAT)


    1 x 100 AlcoMate Prestige Mouthpieces: £42.00 (£42.00 each / 35.00 + VAT)

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    Please see our terms and conditions, privacy policy, refund policy, security information and disclaimer prior to purchase.


    Don't risk drinking and driving!

    AlcoCheck Breathalyzer Tests - A very simple commercial version of the "blow in the bag" breath alcohol test kit used by the British Police.

    AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Breathalyzer


    The AlcoCheck Home Office Approved personal Breathalyzer testing units are a portable modification of the basic roadside breath alcohol test used by the British Police Forces for several decades. It uses yellow crystals which turn green in the presence of any alcohol in breath in order to test patients to a pre-determined level - the UK Legal Drink Drive Limit (80mg/dl or 0.08% blood alcohol concentration).

    This is the disposable product most frequently used by our corporate customers when carrying out pre-employment, random or accident based workplace employee drug and alcohol screening.  The AlcoMate Prestige is the most popular electronic alcohol test kit for high volume alcohol screening in conjunction with an alcohol policy.

    If drug testing is required, visit our drug test kits page or our Saliva Drug Test page.



    AlcoCheck disposable personal pocket breathalyzer test units:

    Fast - Breath Alcohol Test Results in just 2 minutes.

    Accurate - Pre-calibrated to both zero tolerance alcohol levels and the UK legal drink driving limit (80mg/dl or 0.08% blood alcohol concentration).

    Home Office Approved - these breath alcohol tests are the only Home Office approved disposable alcohol testing kits available, and are still being used by the British Police Force today.

    Cost effective - Unlike many electronic alcohol detection units, AlcoCheck breath alcohol test kits are easily affordable and do not require regular calibration.


    (All prices are in Great British Pounds - GBP)


    1 x AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test: £4.07 (£4.07 each / 3.39 + VAT)


    5 x AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test: £18.60 (£3.72 each / 3.10 + VAT)


    10 x AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test: £35.80 (£3.58 each / 2.98 + VAT)


    25 x AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test: £84.25 (£3.37 each / 2.81 + VAT)


    50 x AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test: £165.00 (£3.30 each / 2.75 + VAT)


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    Please see our terms and conditions, privacy policy, refund policy, security information and disclaimer prior to purchase.


    AlcoMeter 500 Electronic Breath Alcohol Test Kit - Evidential.

    If you are looking for a fully evidential breathalyzer, the AlcoMeter 500 is fully automatic and very simple to use.

    Breath alcohol readings are clearly shown on a large illuminated graphics display - and the result of the last breath alcohol test can be recalled at any time.

    The AlcoMeter 500 has true evidential capacity and yet it really is pocket sized, making it easy to manage and portable.

    With its small size, it is also power efficient - Just 2 x AAA batteries give around 400 breath tests.

    Zero alcohol level results appear within around 5 seconds and other alcohol readings appear within 30 seconds.

    AlcoMeter 500 kit - full pack includes:  Instrument, wrist strap, user handbook, 250 mouthpieces and a six month supply of calibration gas.  Additional mouthpieces are available in lots of 1000.

    These Units are manufactured to order, which takes typically 5 to 7 working days, and the units retail at £590 plus VAT.

    Please call 0845 900 2755 to place an order or for more information.

    If you are looking at an evidential unit, perhaps you may also be interested in our workplace drug and alcohol testing training courses - to give your staff all the information and certificate they need to carry out chain of custody based testing within the workplace?



    Alcohol Information:

    Although alcohol is a legal substance used by many, there is clear and undisputed evidence that it impairs the user and can often be abused or misused. Accordingly, there is a legal drink-driving limit of 80 mg/dl or 0.08% BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) enforced by law in the UK.  To follow is a range of alcohol information, such as how long does alcohol stay in your system, alcohol effects, alcohol facts and information on alcohol awareness training courses and policy development for the workplace.


    How long does alcohol stay in your system?

    Alcohol is broken down by the liver at the rate of approximately one unit per hour (a pint of normal strength beer being two units). Consequently, it is possible to still be under the influence the following morning if you have drunk excessively the night before. In fact, every year in Britain over 25,000 people lose their driving licences the morning after a night's drinking.

    To exercise caution, the following alcohol calculation can be used to estimate your level of risk after having drunk the night before.


    1 Unit of alcohol = ½ Pint ordinary strength beer



    1 standard glass of table wine



    1 standard glass of sherry



    1 single measure of spirits.


    It is advised that you allow a minimum of 1 hour per 1 unit of alcohol consumed before driving or operating heavy machinery or electrical equipment in order to ensure that you are not under the influence of alcohol.

    This simple formula will help:

    Number of units drunk - Number of hours since last drink = Alcohol content

    For example: A person drinks 6 pints of an ordinary strength beer (12 units) finishing drinking at 11pm. They start work at 8am the following day. (9 Hours later).

    12 Units - 9 hours = 3. In this scenario, the person could still have 3-4 units of alcohol left in their body whilst driving to work the following day - risking both Police prosecution and the safety of others. 3-4 Units will bring most people to the UK legal driving limit. Please exercise caution.


    Alcohol Effects

    The effects of alcohol abuse are numerous.  Visit our effects of alcohol page for more information.  However, a brief overview on alcohol effects are as follows:

    Medical experts agree that there is no strictly "safe" level of alcohol consumption.  Binge drinking dramatically increases people's tendency toward taking risks, reduces their inhibitions, slows their reaction times and affects co-ordination, putting them at greater risk of accidents and criminal or otherwise inappropriate behaviour.

    In the longer term, regular alcohol consumption increases your risks of: liver damage, cancer (of the liver, mouth, throat, and breast), mental health problems, weight gain, heart disease, stroke, shrunken genitals and reduced fertility.  Alcohol reduces your body's ability to absorb nutrition, and the weight gain can also contribute to other conditions such as diabetes.


    Alcohol Facts

    If you would like to read some of the most recent alcohol facts and alcohol statistics, visit our page on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics in Young People.


    Alcohol Awareness Training and Alcohol Policy

    As a business, we are frequently called upon to help develop alcohol policies for use in the workplace, which of course has to be supported by alcohol awareness training.  In today's culture however, providing alcohol information, alcohol awareness training and policy development is incomplete without similar reference to drugs.  More people die on the roads and in the workplace from drug related accidents than from alcohol related accidents, so a broad view should be taken even if you don't believe drugs are an issue.  Visit our drug and alcohol awareness training and consultancy page for more information or contact us for free advice.  Speak to a friendly expert on 0845 900 2755.


    Legal Drink Drive Limits for DUI / DWI

    For information on the legal drink driving limits for your country, please visit our Drink Driving Limits for DUI / DWI page.


    Free Training in Alcohol Testing Procedures:

    Drug-Aware™ drug and alcohol test kits are very easy to use, but in any technical field there are often many surrounding issues of which to be aware. How long are different drugs and alcohol detectable? How might patients attempt to influence their alcohol test results? How can you prevent this? In our free training sessions, we cover these topics and much more to arm your team with the knowledge they need to operate a successful testing programme.

    These sessions are designed specifically to assist those carrying out alcohol screening using Drug-Aware test kits but they are different from our comprehensive drug awareness seminars or policy development seminars which are often bespoke sessions designed to suit the needs of individual organisations and include a wealth of additional useful information.  Ask us for more details!


    Support: Alcohol Test Kits & Breathalyzer Alcohol Test Equipment

    At Drug-Aware Ltd, we pride ourselves on our level of customer support and firmly believe that our clients should see us as their long-term partners in patient care. On that basis, we offer all of the support, training and product guarantees that you could need:


    Alcohol Breathalyzer Test Doctor

       A Free sample - so you can try before you buy.  (Available to Companies and healthcare organisations rather than private individuals).


      Free literature - wallcharts, consent forms, procedures, protocols, technical data and more.


      Free rapid delivery (within the UK) - products despatched free of charge within 24 hours, unless otherwise notified.


      Free training for NHS healthcare professionals (within the UK) - we are happy to visit your premises to train and certificate your team in rapid drug and alcohol testing and the surrounding issues. Our popular Corporate training packages are also available at very reasonable rates - please call 0845 900 2755 for details.


      Free technical support - e.g. How long is alcohol detectable in the body? Procedural assistance, etc.


      Product guarantees - we operate a no-quibble refund or replacement scheme if the products fail to meet their specifications.


      Laboratory support - we offer the services of a UKAS accredited laboratory to conduct routine screening tests or to confirm the results of Drug-Aware™ products.




    Please contact us today for free product samples and assistance from a friendly expert, or call us on 0845 900 2755.

    For technical information on various other drugs and more information relevant to drug testing, please visit our drug information section.

    For more information on the literature and accessories that we can provide to support our drug and alcohol testing products, please visit our testing accessories section.

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