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Welcome to Drug-Aware.com, the Professional’s choice for all of your drug and alcohol test kit, drug awareness training and consultancy requirements.  We specialise in on-site urine drug tests, but also offer saliva drug tests and urine, breath and saliva alcohol test kits with all of the training and expert support you could possibly need.

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Whether you are a medical professional looking for the best in drug screening products and services, a UK employer seeking to reduce the impact of drugs and alcohol in the workplace or a parent interested in home drug tests, you have come to the right place.

To suit customers of all backgrounds, we offer a comprehensive range of on-site drug and alcohol test kits, laboratory testing services, drug awareness training and policy development services – all of which are supported by the courteous and friendly team here at Drug-Aware.

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Drug-Aware.com Drug Test Kits, Testing Cassettes and Multipanel Tests

Drug-Aware Drug Test Kits, Testing Cassettes and Multipanel TestsOur urine drug test kits include single drug test cassettes, 6 drug multi-panel cassette tests and 10 drug integrated drug test cups:

Drug-Aware™ urine drug testing kits are available in single test cassette format,  two combinations of six drug test cassette and a ten drug integrated test cup – all of which provide maximum ease of use at prices which are kind to your budget.

Drug-Aware 10 Drug Integrated Test CupWith clear and highly accurate results in just 5 minutes, you can save time and you need not worry about the reliability of the test results.  Drug-Aware® products are FDA approved, CE marked and manufactured in facilities with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, cGMP and EN 46001 compliance.  >> Click here for Drug Test Kits <<


Cocaine Surface Drug Test Wipes - Cocaine Identification from Wiping Surfaces

We also offer Cocaine Surface Drug Test Wipes which can be used to drug test a surface to see if cocaine has been used there – or if people handling cocaine have touched a surface – such as door handles, light switches, desk drawers, company car steering wheels, etc.  These drug test kits are excellent value and very useful.  Results are accurate, instant, and easy to read – suitable for both home use and in the workplace.

For non invasive testing we also offer Saliva Drug Tests / Oral Fluid Drug Testing Kits.

Alcohol Test Kits – Saliva and Breath Alcohol Tests:

Alco-Check Breath Alcohol Test Kits / BreathalyserAlcoScreen saliva or urine alcohol test kits

Drug-Aware offer alcohol test kits for use on breath or saliva samples. The Alco-screen saliva tests indicate the level of blood alcohol present, whilst the Home Office Approved AlcoCheck breathalyser / breathalyzer units test patients to a pre-determined level (the UK legal drink drive limit).  Two levels of Electronic breathalyser units are also available – an evidential unit and a non-evidential unit.  >> Click here for Alcohol Test Kits <<

Drug-Aware Drug Testing Accessories – Gloves, Cups, Adulteration / Dilution Tests, etc.

Drug-Aware Drug Testing Accessories, Gloves, Urine Cups

In order to make the substance misuse testing process as simple as possible, we can supply all of the accessories that you are likely to need, including adulteration tests, rubber gloves, urine collection cups, temperature strips and drug paraphernalia removal kits for the safe, hygienic removal of used needles, etc.  >> Click here for Drug Testing Kit Accessories <<

Laboratory Services for Urine Drug Screening and Hair Testing:

Laboratory Workplace Drug and Alcohol Screening Services, GC/MS

The UK laboratory facilities that we offer utilise the latest drug testing equipment to help us provide a swift, efficient and totally reliable service, where necessary providing results permissible as evidence in a court of law. We can offer urine drug screening, GC/MS confirmation testing (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry – which is the gold standard in laboratory testing) and hair testing.  To ensure consistent quality, the laboratory operates under ISO 9001 quality assurance systems and holds UKAS accreditation.  >> Click here for Laboratory Drug Testing Services and Hair Drug Test Services<<

Training and Consultancy – Drug Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Policy Development and Implementation:

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training and Policy DevelopmentDrug-Aware is able to offer a wide range of cost effective training and consultancy services in the UK, including drug awareness training courses for employers, drug and alcohol policy development and implementation workshops and comprehensive training in drug testing procedures. For companies wishing to implement a drugs and alcohol policy, our consultants can carry out the majority of the hard work for you, leaving you free to continue the day-to-day management of your organisation.  Drug-Aware Gold Certified>> Click here for Drug Awareness Training or Drugs and Alcohol Policy Consultancy Services <<

Is your business Drug-Aware Certified?

Drug-Aware Drug and Alcohol Information:

Drug and Alcohol Information, Cannabis, THC, Heroin, InfoOne of Drug-Aware’s key supporting services is the provision of detailed technical information for both medical professionals and employers. We operate a technical helpline to answer any questions that may not be covered by these web pages, and actively encourage clients to contact us if they are unsure of anything. Drug testing and drug awareness is a very specialised field and one which is continuously evolving, so please feel free to browse these pages to help answer your questions, or failing that, please contact us for further information.  >> Click here for Drug Information – Info on symptoms of use, effects, retention times of Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, Alcohol, etc <<

Contact us:

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training / Policy ConsultantContact us today for some free advice from a friendly expert, to place an order for same day despatch or to try a free sample. We’re here to help.

We also operate an extensive mailing list for professionals who want to receive our latest technical updates and info-charts. If you would like to be added to this list, please e-mail us your name, address and telephone number and we will send you our free routine releases.  >> Click here to Contact us by phone, fax or email – Free Technical Support or Free same day despatch of drug and alcohol test kit orders <<

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