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Latest Articles include:

  • Drug-Aware Overview

  • Cross Reacting Opiates

  • Drug Screening Explained

  • Urine Collection Procedures

  • Substance abuse in the Workplace - The Facts

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse - Celebrity Quotes

  • Cocaine Drug Test Wipes for Surfaces

  • Record Opium Harvest in Afghanistan.

  • Workplace Drug Testing

  • Alcohol Related Deaths on the Increase

  • Drug Testing - The Facts!

  • Does Tramadol test positive for Opiates / Morphine?

  • Random Drug Testing

  • Drug Abuse Statistics in Young People

  • Home Drug Test FAQ

  • Scottish Drug Abuse Statistics

  • Drug Test Results

  • Alcohol Breathalyzer Test

  • Drink Driving Limits for DUI / DWI

  • Drug Testing in Schools

  • Alcohol Information

  • Alcohol Abuse Facts and Statistics

  • Tackling Drug Addiction - for Parents and Families

  • Drug Overdose - Opiate Withdrawal and Addiction

  • Home Drug Tests

  • Cannabis Information - Class, Signs, Symptoms and Effects

  • Cocaine and the Destruction of the Rainforests

  • Cocaine information - Facts, Signs and Symptoms

  • Hair Drug Test





    Articles Relating to Drugs and Alcohol

    Below we have a growing collection of articles relating to drugs and alcohol.  These clips cover the latest drugs and alcohol news, statistics, information and general commentary.

    Alternatively, visit our alcohol and drug news page or drug and alcohol videos page.


    Alcohol Articles

    Alcohol Information

    This alcohol information page contains alcohol statistics, facts, effects (both short and long term), signs and symptoms of use, info on drink driving (otherwise known as DUI or DWI), how long alcohol is detectable, and a whole host other useful information.

    Alcohol Abuse Facts and Statistics

    An alcohol fact sheet published by the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) reports that in developed countries, alcohol is the third leading cause of disease and injury, alcohol causing nearly 10 percent of all ill health and premature deaths in Europe. This is ahead of obesity, diabetes and asthma and second only to smoking and blood pressure conditions.  This article covers numerous other statistics.

    Drink Driving Limits for DUI / DWI

    An article which covers the legal drink drive limits for a number of countries including the UK, USA and numerous European countries.  There is also information on how many units are required to reach these drink-drive limits.  Drink driving is referred to as DUI or DWI in the USA.

    Alcohol Breathalyzer Test

    Product information on our range of breath alcohol testing kits - both disposable and electronic breathalyzer units.  This page also has detailed alcohol information on safe drinking levels, the long term risks of alcohol use and various other statistics relating to drink driving.


    Drug Articles

    Cross Reacting Opiates

    Information on which over-the-counter and prescription Opiates will test positive on our Morphine / Opiates drug test kits.  We have placed an extensive list for our visitors to check against any medication that has been used in the last week.

    Scottish Drug Abuse Statistics

    Drug abuse statistics from Scotland have recently been released in the form of two large surveys: the Scottish Crime and Victimisation Survey (SCVS) 2006 and the Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) 2006.  These provide a detailed insight into the prevalence of drug abuse in Scotland in all age groups.  Of course, these statistics are very similar to the rest of the UK and give us valuable statistical information on the current level of drug abuse.

    Tackling Drug Addiction - for Parents and Families

    Families and friends of drug abusers / drug addicts are often faced with a situation they feel totally unequipped to deal with, beginning with a basic lack of information and drug and alcohol awareness.  As a result drug addiction is often misunderstood.  This article discusses these issues and offers routes for parents and families of drug abusers to seek the help they need.

    Drug Overdose - Opiate Withdrawal and Addiction

    As opiate based drug overdose contributes largely to the number of deaths resulting directly from illegal drug use, it is important to be able to recognise the symptoms of overdose which can differ tremendously depending upon which type of drug has been taken.  This article covers many areas, including opiate withdrawal, addiction and more.

    Cannabis Information - Class, Signs, Symptoms and Effects

    A useful article covering the reclassification of Cannabis in the UK.  Other information includes the signs, symptoms, dangers and effects of Cannabis, along with its impact on schools, etc.

    Record Opium Harvest in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan has just had the largest opium harvest in it’s history - which will have a significant ongoing impact on the volume of Heroin that will be hitting the streets across the globe.

    Cocaine and the Destruction of the Rainforests

    The negative impact of illegal drugs including social problems, health problems and financial problems are well-publicised and often felt more keenly because they are close to home. But fewer people, especially those whose lifestyles embrace using illegal drugs, are inclined to view the bigger picture, part of which is the devastating effect of coca, opium and marijuana production on one of the world’s most precious resources - the Amazon rainforest.

    Cocaine information - Facts, Signs and Symptoms

    Detailed information on cocaine - signs, symptoms, forms, effects, statistics, the law, slang terms, information on addiction and much more.

    Drug Misuse - the Hazard of Dirty Needles

    Understanding the risks associated with dirty needles and equally the myths.  How to handle dangerous materials and how to dispose of them when found.

    LSD - Drug Information, Facts and Awareness

    Drug information on LSD, the signs, symptoms of use and effects.  What are the dangers? is it addictive? and more.

    Drug Education - Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA)

    Glue sniffing, solvent abuse, huffing, whatever you choose to call it, is a dangerous activity that young people will sometimes indulge in.  But what are the dangers, what are the signs of abuse and what can be done to prevent it?



    Drug Testing Articles

    Drug Screening Explained

    Information on how drug screening is measured against cut-off levels.  This includes issues such as whether someone will test positive from passive smoking a drug - for example breathing in someone else's Cannabis / Marijuana smoke.  We also cover common drug retention times to answer questions relating to how long someone will test positive for drugs.

    Drug Testing - The Facts!

    A drug testing article which covers numerous aspects of drug testing.  On-site tests, laboratory screening and information on urine, saliva / oral fluid and hair testing.

    Drug Test Results

    This article contains detailed instructions on how to carry out a drug test and how to read drug test results.  It was designed as a guide for lay persons who aren't familiar with the use of drug tests.

    Home Drug Tests

    Home drug tests can represent a lifeline for concerned parents who worry that their child / teenager may be using illegal drugs.  Parents are often reluctant to initially seek help, perhaps because they fear to accept the possibility that their children could use drugs. Fortunately, the internet now enables parents to find information and advice about drug use anonymously and this level of anonymity can be maintained by using home drug testing kits to determine whether their child requires professional help.

    Saliva Drug Test - Oral Fluid Drug Testing

    Learn all about saliva drug testing - how long can drugs be detected in oral fluid?  How do you conduct a test?  How to read the results? and more...

    Hair Drug Test

    This page covers what makes a hair drug test different from a urine drug test or a saliva test.  Timescales, windows of detection, cost and much more.


    Workplace Articles for Employers

    Workplace Drug Testing

    General information on drug testing in the workplace for employers.  This article covers statistics which show why workplace drug testing is necessary, the development of a sound and legally defensible workplace drug testing policy and how to get started in your workplace.

    Random Drug Testing

    A useful random drug testing article on the steps involved in implementing a random screening policy.  This also includes information about the level of testing required and how employers can go about getting started.


    Home Drug Testing Articles

    Home Drug Test FAQ

    Useful information giving answers to the most common questions relating to home drug testing.  Types of testing, how long drugs are detectable, how to buy tests online, and more.

    See also Home Drug Tests


    Drug Testing in Schools / Young People Articles

    Drug Testing in Schools

    An overview of random drugs testing in schools: A survey recently published by the News of the World on Sunday showed that 82% of parents and 66% of children support school drug testing.  Another Government survey of over 20,000 UK school children showed that 9% of 13 year olds and over a quarter (27%) of 15 year olds had used an illegal drug at some stage in their lives.

    Drug Abuse Statistics in Young People

    This article covers some startling statistics recently provided by Auto Trader on 8000 young motorists.  There are also statistics relating to alcohol related admissions to accident and emergency departments across the UK and road deaths among young people.

    See also Tackling Drug Addiction - for Parents and Families

    and Home Drug Tests


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