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Home drug tests are becoming an increasingly important tool for parents and partners in today's binge drinking and drug abuse culture among young people.  However, many parents aren't even aware of the existence of accurate home drug test kits, let alone know how to find them or buy them online.

At Drug-Aware, we have many years' experience in providing drug and alcohol testing products, and support to businesses and the health care sector, but we thought it would be a good idea to develop a home drug tests FAQ page for parents and partners who may wish to test loved ones at home.

This page contains links to buy home drug tests online, but there are also answers to many of the typically unanswered questions that many parents face.  Feel free to browse the frequently asked questions below or even visit our blog to ask a specific question.  Alternatively, contact us to have your home testing question answered in person.


Who uses home drug tests?

We tend to find that many of the parents purchasing home drug testing kits from us are actually trying to support and assist adult children.  These are typically young people aged 18-25 who have gone out into the world and have developed a drugs and / or alcohol addiction and their parents are attempting some form of active drug intervention by adding structure and support.  This can also be the case where partners are contacting us about their spouse or significant other.

In many cases, this can be a stressful and uncertain time, so being able to get all of the information and advice you need is essential.  It is our position that having a home drug test regime in place firms up the young person's resolve in dealing with their drug addiction and allows them to prove that things are improving. 

So as long as open co-operation and good communication is there, home testing can help to rebuild the trust that was damaged by the substance abuse.  We know first hand of marriages that have been saved by the use of our home drug test kits to monitor partners, and cases where having test kits in place deterred young people from trying illegal substances in the first place!

As everyone knows, peer pressure is a fact of life for teenagers and children, and in a society where around half of 16-29 year olds have used an illegal drug in the last year, peer pressure should not be overlooked.  Having home test kits available to detect drugs or alcohol can make all the difference.  Knowing that a test at home is possible - or even likely - takes the temptation out of some young people's minds, and it provides a legitimate get-out for those who are under pressure from their friends to try drugs in order to fit in.

Having these issues isn't specific to just one country.  We sell our home drug tests worldwide, but most of our customers come from the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia.


What home drug testing options are available?

In the last decade, the rise in drug use in society has been accompanied by an increase in the amount of drug testing that is carried out.  Many employers now screen their employees for illegal drugs and alcohol as a way of improving health and safety within the workplace.  On-site drug testing kits are commonplace in many different healthcare settings to monitor abstinence or to offer prescriptions.  These exact same test kits are available from Drug-Aware for use by parents or partners for home drug testing their children or family members to help deter or monitor drug use.


Common types of Drug Testing:


On-site Urine Drug Testing at HomeDrug Testing Kits

Instant on-site urine drug tests are a very simple place to start when considering home testing.  With our 7 drug integrated test cup you can get an accurate drug test result for seven different drugs in as little as a couple of minutes with zero handling of the sample.  This is not only convenient, but home testing for such a broad range of drugs removes the temptation for the individual to transfer over to a different drug of choice.

Buy your drug testing kits online for delivery as soon as tomorrow!  We despatch over 95% of our orders the same day if received by 3.30pm GMT.

Our 7 drug integrated test cups are now a commonplace item in many hospitals, drug treatment and rehabilitation centres, doctor's surgeries and businesses so you can be confident of the accuracy of your home drug test result.

Disclaimer: As with any on-site test, you must be aware that the results need to be confirmed by an alternative methodology before the results will stand up in court.  This is particularly important when looking for Heroin - which is found amongst a class of drugs called Opiates.  There are legally available over-the-counter and prescription Opiates as well as Heroin, which may trigger a positive result.

Using a two stage process which involves an initial on-site drug test, followed by GC/MS laboratory confirmation (using chain of custody procedures) will stand up in court but will also give you the advantage of speed.  Visit our drug test kits page for more information on the drug testing kits we offer or click here to Buy your drug testing kits online.

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How long can I detect drugs using a home test kit?

Drugs will start to be detectable in someone's urine sample within an hour or two of using them (sometimes less).  After this period, different drugs will remain detectable in urine for different lengths of time, but this window of detection is usually measured in days. 

For example, Opiates or Cocaine can be detected in urine for typically 2-4 days, perhaps as long as 5 days at the extreme.  Stimulant drugs like Speed or Ecstasy (Amphetamines and Methamphetamines / MDMA) can take a little longer - from 2 to 6 days.

Visit our drug information page for more specific details and other drug types.


Laboratory Urine Drug Testing

Whilst not recommended for home drug testing (unless you are confirming an on-site test result), testing via a laboratory has the advantage that both the screening stage and the confirmation stages of the test are carried out in one place - so you get the fully confirmed test result shortly after the screening result. 

Laboratory drug screening is more expensive than on-site instant drug testing in the home and you have the time delay brought about by mailing the urine sample(s) to the laboratory, plus the time it takes to run the actual tests and to provide the report.  Many laboratories are automated, so this is typically 24-48 hours for initial screening results and 2 to 5 days for the full GC/MS confirmation test results.  Visit our laboratory drug testing page for more details on how we can help.


Hair Drug Testing

While hair testing is expensive and time consuming, it has an advantage over home urine drug tests in that it can detect drug use for a long period of time - this is typically measured in months, although you can potentially screen back for as long as the hair has been growing from the person's scalp.  Hair tends to grow at the rate of about 1cm per month, so a 3cm section of someone's hair would represent a 3 month history.  You can test larger sections of hair for an overall drug history, or test monthly sections of hair to gather a detailed chronological history of drug use.

The process is more time consuming than urine testing as the hair needs to be processed before it can be tested.  We consequently have to charge a processing fee, followed by a charge per drug, per section.  Hair testing normally takes around a week to complete, although we ask customers to allow up to 10 working days if workloads are high.  Contact us for details.


Oral / Saliva Drug Tests

We do not usually recommend Oral or Saliva Drug Testing for home use due to the short detection window (measured in hours) unless the potential shortcomings are understood.

Drug testing based upon oral fluid or saliva has been designed to be as non-invasive as possible - which is clearly a significant part of its appeal.  However, with this being a relatively new science there aren't yet internationally standardised cut-off levels like there are for urine testing.  Having a standardised cut-off level for testing ensures that everyone is tested at the same level and that the level is indeed correct.

Unfortunately, this means that various suppliers of oral / saliva drug test kits are using the levels they have determined for themselves and this is not uniform across the industry.

A major issue that isn't always publicised is that while drug use is detectable in urine for days and detectable in hair for months, oral testing only detects drugs for hours.  You must have a high concentration of drug in your body for it to come through into your mouth in sufficient quantities to be detected.  As a result, monitoring abstinence is more difficult.  For example, someone using Heroin yesterday is likely to test negative today on an oral test, but would still show positive on a home urine test.

As long as these factors are understood, please visit our Saliva Drug Test - Oral Fluid Drug Testing page for more information.


Cocaine Drug Detection Wipes / Swabs for Surfaces in the Home

Many people don't realise that home drug testing doesn't always have to involve testing an individual - you can in fact test their environment instead.  A good example of this is our Cocaine Surface Drug Detection Wipes / Swabs.

These simple postcard sized swabs are very useful in the home, workplace or public areas to detect the use or handling of cocaine.  One of our customers for these test kits is The Daily Mail who recently mentioned our surface wipes in one of their cocaine surface drug testing articles.

Test results from our simple cocaine ID wipes are immediate. Just wipe them over any smooth surface which could potentially be contaminated with traces of cocaine and look to see if the wipe turns blue. You can detect cocaine from even tiny amounts of drug residue left on any surfaces that have either been in direct physical contact with cocaine (e.g. from snorting cocaine off a surface) or from hands which are contaminated with the drug.

You can detect both Cocaine Hcl (powder) and Cocaine Base (crack or freebase) - and many companies use them to look for traces of cocaine in company bathrooms, lockers, desks, vehicles, door handles, on light switches or any other surfaces that are flat, smooth and frequently handled.

Contact us for further information - at a fraction over £1 plus VAT per test they are a very  economical way to protect your business or home from issues relating to occupier's liability under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Please note: These wipes are a screening test for information purposes only. Any preliminary positive results must be confirmed by an alternative methodology before any action is taken.

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So why choose Drug-Aware for your Home Drug Testing requirements?

At Drug-Aware, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive solution when it comes to home drug tests.

Take a look at all of the additional extras we add as standard!

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