Apr 17


Drug-Aware Ltd, the company behind the tremendously popular Scientia Derma Roller, has launched a new beauty device called the Scientia Derma Stamp – an at-home cosmetic device used for removing scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite.

Cosmetic microneedling has been used in various forms for over 50 years, since Doctor Pistor discovered that the skin can be stimulated to greatly increase its levels of collagen using microneedles as thin as a human hair and as short as half a millimetre. Such a procedure has been proven to get results equivalent to (if not superior to) chemical peels, micro dermabrasion and laser resurfacing but without the hefty price tag, down time or trauma to the skin.

The only reason your skin gets scars, wrinkles or stretch marks is that it cannot produce enough collagen. So the discovery that a simple hand-held roller can trigger up to 1000% increase in collagen has not gone unnoticed in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been reported to have undergone Derma Roller sessions in order to maintain their youthful glow. The Scientia Derma Roller brought this process into people’s homes, so that home treatment could be carried out at a fraction of the cost.

The Scientia Derma Stamp is a new variation which takes the best features of the Scientia Derma Roller, but adds a twist. You can literally twist the dial on the handle in order to select what needle length to use. Traditionally, you would need to purchase a derma roller with the correct needle length to treat your particular skin condition. For example, for better absorption of skin creams or for anti-ageing, a 0.5mm roller was ideal. But for light scarring, stretch marks, or deeper wrinkles a 1mm roller would be better. All the way through to a 1.5mm roller for deep stretch marks, deep acne scars or burn scars. With the Scientia Derma Stamp, one single device can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, by simply adjusting the needle length.

The UK-based firm is no stranger to providing market leading beauty devices, such as the Cleane Acne Therapy Device, and as such, the Scientia Derma Stamp is set to become another solid addition to their range.

Christopher Evans, the Technical Director of Drug-Aware Ltd told us “Because the stamp is applied directly to the skin, the needles penetrate the pores of the skin head-on and are not rotated into place like they are with a roller. This minimises the sensation of microneedling. Equally, with the new three facet needle profile, the needles themselves are designed to be pain free, yet still give the very best results. This really is the next generation of microneedling products and helps to keep us at the cutting-edge of beauty therapy devices”.

For more information, or to purchase a Scientia Derma Stamp or Scientia Derma Roller, visit http://www.derma-rollers.com

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Sep 03

Driven by a need to ensure health, safety and well-being of employees, workplace drug screening has become increasingly common in the UK.  However, there are still a number of myths surrounding the practice, which can cause apprehension amongst those staff subject to testing.

Where is the Danger?

Many people assume that the impact of drugs and alcohol in the workplace is a very minor issue.  We have all seen Christmas drink-driving campaigns and know that drink-driving and drug-driving is not safe, so can’t we rely on people’s judgement?  Unfortunately, approximately half of all road and industrial fatalities in the UK involve drink, drugs, or both.  Current statistics show that over 70% of drug users are in full-time employment, meaning that the average drug user is, in effect, the average employee.  Recent Home Office statistics put the number of 16 to 29-year-olds who used drugs in the last year at just under 50%.  So this is not somebody else’s problem, it affects every workplace.  Whilst the use of drugs does not automatically mean irresponsibility within the workplace, it does greatly increase the likelihood of accidents, absenteeism, reduced productivity, damage to plant and equipment, litigation and a higher turnover of staff.

So What Can You Do?  Isn’t Workplace Drug Screening Disruptive?

Many organisations only conduct testing in the event of an accident, incident, or when they have reasonable grounds for concern that an employee is unfit for duty.  Given the wide variety of potential dangers within heavy industrial workplaces, many employers believe it perfectly reasonable to carry out testing on these occasions.

However, random workplace drug screening takes drug testing a stage further, whereby a percentage of the workforce is randomly selected to provide a sample.  This sounds invasive, but it is very common for only 5% of the workforce to be screened up to once per year.  This means that only one in 20 people will be screened, or as an individual, your chance of being tested would be once every 20 years.  Miraculously, this kind of minimal screening has been proven to lower positivity rates from as high as 46% down to as little as 2% in just a few months.  This just shows, that the average drug user within the workplace is not addicted, but is simply making lifestyle choices which can be changed.

Could This be Regarded as an Invasion of Civil Liberties and Human Rights?

Whilst some employees can be initially resistant to the prospect of screening, the majority understand that this is being carried out to ensure the safety of everybody within the workplace.  As long as the level of testing is proportionate to the dangers within the workplace and does not specifically interfere with staff leisure time, it does not represent a threat to people’s human rights.  In the USA, over 98% of the top 1000 companies screen their staff without issue.

Where is the Harm in Using Drugs Outside of Work?

Many drugs have developed a softer image through their exposure in national newspapers and television.  Indeed, phrases such as “recreational cocaine use” do a great deal of harm in misleading people.  For some individuals, cocaine is more addictive than heroin and cannot be used recreationally without significant risk of addiction.  Addiction aside, cocaine purity has dropped from an average 45% purity in 2004 to approximately 25% purity in 2010 (with purity as low as 9% reported).  Shockingly, the cutting agents used to bulk out the cocaine range from local anaesthetics, cancer-causing chemicals, pet worming powders, through to cockroach insecticide.  The bottom line is you can never trust a drug dealer.

Even drugs previously considered to be soft drugs still carry dangers.  Currently in the UK, 92% of people admitted for treatment for mental illness are heavy cannabis users.  With this in mind, workplace drug screening truly has the potential to tackle wider social and health problems as it becomes commonplace.

For more information on workplace drug testing and home drug testing kits, visit www.drug-aware.com

About the author: Christopher Evans is the Technical Director of Drug-Aware Ltd, a supplier of drug and alcohol test equipment, laboratory services and drug awareness training.  He has trained literally thousands of delegates across hundreds of companies, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the British police and hospitals across the UK.

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May 19

This page covers the small print you might need in connection with your order.  It covers our terms and conditions, a privacy statement, the level of security we employ, how you can obtain a refund and a disclaimer concerning the use of information on this site.

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Consequently, you should feel free to make full use of the Drug-Aware website for information, along with the ability to purchase test kits online.  We hope you enjoy the site and find all the answers you are looking for.

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We endeavour to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and current.  Consequently, you may email us to ask what data we hold on you at any time (you will be asked a security question in order to release the information).  This data may then be updated or deleted as appropriate.

In terms of the privacy of your order, we ensure that all orders are shipped in plain packaging with no hint of package contents.  We mark all packages as “Private and Confidential” (unless you specify otherwise in the “comments / instructions” box at checkout).  A plain return address with no company name will also appear on a small label on the reverse of the package to comply with Royal Mail requirements.

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Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products we supply, returned items must arrive in the same condition as when we sent them – i.e. unused, in original packaging and complete with all of the documentation / literature we provided with them.  Please note: used or opened testing kits or any used goods can not be returned.  It is illegal to send any goods contaminated with human bodily fluids through the mail.

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In order for you to contact us or to request a return code for returning goods, our details are as follows:

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If only part of your order is available, we shall inform you.  This is unusual, as we carry ample stock levels.  In the rare event of stock shortages, we have a policy of part-ordering all customers to ensure that everyone receives some product to be using whilst they await the completion of their order.  Part or split orders are shipped at our expense.

Security – WorldPay

For millions of people around the world – including our customers – WorldPay is the way to pay – they are trusted and secure.  An important part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the 5th biggest banking group in the world, WorldPay payment solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses, big and small.

Our customers are able to make payments over the internet, by phone, fax and mail.  Via WorldPay, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, JCB and all the major credit cards.  Not forgetting debit cards and local payment schemes like Maestro, Laser, Electron and more.


Security is probably one of the most significant concerns for both the shopper and the retailer during an online transaction. In reality, an online transaction is probably more secure than a card transaction in a shop or conducted over the telephone or by fax, as the information transmitted online is strongly encrypted using complicated logarithm combinations.

The WorldPay payment system uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data.  Furthermore, their public web servers are certified by Thawte, a public Certificate Authority, ensuring that both the shopper and retailer can have confidence that nobody can impersonate WorldPay to obtain confidential information.

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Data Storage

Data storage on WorldPay systems, and the communication between WorldPay and the worldwide banking networks, is regularly audited by the banking authorities to ensure a secure transaction environment. They also ensure that they stay up-to-date with the latest versions of any third-party code they use, and continually review their own proprietary code.

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Mar 31

“Mephedrone and Legal highs”: harmless fun? Or something more sinister?

The Legal Status of Mephedrone

Mephedrone was made illegal and classified as a Class B drug in the UK on April 7th 2010.  Possession can lead to up to five years in prison, and supply can lead to up to fourteen years in prison and an unlimited fine.

Mephedrone Test – Testing for Mephedrone

Currently, mephedrone tests can only be carried out on the raw substance itself, or by taking a sample of hair, and having that sample tested in the laboratory. This is typically done using a 3-month sample, which requires three centimetres of hair to be taken from the scalp of the donor.  This can be either a 3-month overview (which can tell whether mephedrone has been taken at some point in the last three months) or a 3-month segment review (which is more precise in terms of when the drug was actually taken).  We now offer mephedrone testing (both as a mephedrone hair test and testing the raw substance) as a standard test, so please Contact Us for pricing and to get the process underway.  Currently, there is no on-site Mephedrone Test available.

If you are concerned that someone may be using legal highs or other illegal drugs, please visit our drug information page for information on the signs, symptoms and effects of these substances.

Overview of Mephedrone

Legal highs have stirred significant media interest after several recent deaths amongst young people. Legal high sales have risen steadily until a recent spike in sales driven by media coverage.  Many online mail-order suppliers even claim to have sold out as a result.

With almost half of the websites selling legal highs based in the UK, the European Union’s drug agency has highlighted that the UK is a hotspot for the online trade in legal highs.  But with Government efforts to stem the tide, how long will this last?  Certainly a point to publicise is that although a drug may currently be “legal”, this is not a real indication of safety, as many substances aren’t being used for their intended purpose – which can range from plant fertilisers to worming treatments for cattle.

With the recent media furore surrounding legal highs, and the resultant confusion around the legality, safety and detectability of legal highs, particularly Mephedrone, this article aims to inform about what is known for certain.

History of Mephedrone

Mephedrone as we know it today was synthesised by individuals in back-street laboratories. Because of this, there have been no official tests into the results of use on either animals or human beings, rendering the drug potentially life-threatening. Mephedrone was first officially recognised by boards investigating new drugs in 2008, but due to the drug’s underground origins, very little is known about the effects it can have on the human body.

Originally marketed as a legal high, mephedrone quickly came to the UK media’s attention. Mephedrone’s popularity was likely caused by the decreasing purity of ecstacy and cocaine in the UK. Media and political pressure made it necessary for the Government to review the drug. Mephedrone had already been outlawed in Israel,  Sweden, Romania, Germany, Estonia, Denmark and Croatia when the UK moved to make it illegal in April 2010. Mephedrone is now a Class B controlled substance.

Tackling the Problem

Attempts to tackle the sale of legal highs is a mounting challenge for many governments – with drugs such as Mephedrone (also known as meph, 4-MMC, MCAT, Drone, Meow and Bubbles) already banned in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Israel.  Synthesised in overseas laboratories, these drugs are often designed to mimic the effects of controlled drugs such as Ecstasy, Cocaine and Amphetamines, but they currently fall outside of most drug control laws and are sold via the internet or in “headshops”, along with incense, smoking paraphernalia and other drug related “souvenirs”.

Other formerly legal highs which have now also been legislated against to make them a Class C drug include GBL (gamma-butyrolactone), an industrial solvent and BZP (benzylpiperazine, manufactured as a cattle worming treatment, sometimes called “Benny”), whose effects on the brain are very similar to Ecstasy.  Synthetic cannabinoids, which are man-made chemicals sprayed on herbal smoking products such as Spice, fall into Class B of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Despite these changes, the trade in formerly legal highs may not diminish as significantly as we might hope.  Substance misuse in today’s society is certainly more common than public perception would indicate. Study data from the British crime survey carried out by the Home Office indicates that nearly half of all 16 to 29-year-olds have used an illegal drug in the last year and almost one in five 16 to 24-year-olds have used an illegal drug in the last month.  When you consider young people at secondary school age, data from the NHS indicates that 27% of 15-year-olds have already used illegal drugs.

So what drives this behavior? Research into the motivation behind drug use, carried out by the Joseph Rowntree foundation, has indicated that the single largest contributory factor to drug abuse is boredom. A close second is the individual’s environment. I.e. if everybody around you is using drugs, isn’t that normal? Whilst the third leading factor is curiosity.  With such mundane forces driving substance abuse, legal highs (or illegal highs) are a likely purchase for many young people as media coverage grows, and whilst they continue to be legal.

About the Author:  Christopher Evans is the Technical Director of Drug-Aware Ltd, a provider of drug awareness training, laboratory services and drug and alcohol testing products to the NHS, British Police, Companies and private individuals across the UK.

Please contact us for information on mephedrone testing in the workplace, health care or at home.

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Jun 18

Derma Roller Frequently Asked QuestionsBefore and after pictures.Customer Reviews and FeedbackDerma Roller Instructions

So what is a Derma Roller?

The Scientia Derma Roller is an amazing device which can naturally increase the level of collagen and elastin in your skin. Stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and uneven, pitted skin are all a product of insufficient collagen – so by using a dermaroller to replace the collagen you can help your skin renew itself and repair to a cosmetic level.

You can use a Scientia Derma Roller for:

  • Stretch Mark Removal and Stretch Mark Treatment
  • Acne Scar Removal / Acne Scar Treatment
  • Anti Wrinkle Treatment and Anti Aging
  • Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Restoration Therapy
  • Surgical Scar Removal and Fading
  • Cellulite Treatment and Cellulite Reduction

Does Derma Rolling really work?

Absolutely! Take a look at our Derma Roller before and after pictures page for photos showing some pretty amazing results. We also have a Derma Roller frequently asked questions page and even a Derma Roller review page so you can read some of the reviews, customer feedback and testimonials we receive. We even have a Dermaroller Diary page which was written by a customer who used it to remove stretch marks.

Beyond that, you might like to take a look at our money-back guarantee video:

YouTube Preview Image

So what does a Scientia Derma Roller look like?

A dermaroller is a simple hand held skin roller which has 192 surgical steel micro-needles which are able to part the pores of the top layer of the skin without damaging it. The pores of the skin close again after about an hour, but during that period your skin is able to absorb skin creams and lotions much more efficiently. We even provide vitamin rich treatment cream to ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs.

The photo below shows a magnified view of the roller. The micro-needles on the skin roller are only 1 millimetre long (we also stock a 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm device) so all you feel is a tickling sensation when the Scientia Derma Roller is used.

Scientia Derma Roller Approximate Size

Want to see the Derma Roller in action on TV?

YouTube Preview Image

Skin micro-needling (otherwise known as CIT or collagen induction therapy) is an increasingly common cosmetic procedure – even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been quoted as being keen advocates of microneedling. The Scientia Derma Roller is an FDA approved application which is simple and easy enough to use yourself at home. In fact, it has very similar results to Laser Treatment, Chemical Peels and Dermabrasion, but is considerably less invasive (without any of the skin trauma) and carries only a fraction of the cost.

How do you use a Derma Roller?

Using a Scientia Derma Roller is a very simple process and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Visit our Derma Roller Instructions page for more details or to watch a video on how to use a Scientia Derma Roller.

How long before I see results from my Dermaroller?

The rate at which you will get results depends on what condition you are treating and how extensively your skin needs to remodel. This process of skin remodelling can continue for literally months after each Derma Roller treatment, but visibly noticeable changes can be seen within a week! Your skin naturally renews itself every 40 days, so with a little stimulation, changes can be dramatic and fast.

Can you use a Scientia Derma Roller on any part of your body?

Micro needling can be carried out with a Scientia Derma Roller on almost any part of the body: the arms, hands, legs, thighs, body, abdomen, neck, face, cheeks, scalp, even around the eye area – such as crows feet and frown lines.

Order a Derma Roller Online

Is using a Derma Roller safe?

Of course. Based upon ancient oriental acupuncture techniques, micro-needling has been used for literally hundreds of thousands of procedures with no serious side effects reported. The Scientia Derma Roller is FDA approved, and manufactured / quality controlled in accordance with ISO/CE/FDA standards. The product is gamma sterilised according to ISO 11137.

Does the skin rolling process hurt? or can it make you bleed?

No! There are two alternative methods of Derma Rolling. One method involves the use of numbing cream to completely numb the area to be treated, followed by more aggressive use of the Scientia Derma Roller once per week. The second alternative, involves using the roller with light pressure up to 5 times per week without numbing cream.

Using your roller gently gives a kind of tickling feeling and is not painful – although your face is more sensitive to it than your body. Neither of the methods should draw blood. You may find that there is a temporary reddening of the skin for around an hour after treatment and it can give a sensation similar to mild sunburn. We recommend the use of vitamin rich treatment cream after use, and sunscreen / block if you will be exposed to the sun after treatment. Please visit our Derma Roller Instructions page for more details.

Order a Derma Roller Online

How can I buy a Derma Roller? or Where can I buy a Dermaroller from?

We sell Dermarollers with free worldwide delivery, so wherever you are, you can order a Derma Roller for delivery to the USA, UK, Australia or any other country today! Buy a Derma Roller online from our online ordering page in complete confidence. We are a Limited Company established in 2001, and supply the British Police and the UK National Health Service with diagnostic and medical products. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day via our website.

Order a Derma Roller Online

What about buying Derma Rollers on a wholesale basis?

For anyone interested in finding a wholesale supplier of Derma Rollers, we also provide bulk quantities or dropship Derma Rollers for some clients. Please contact us to discuss this.

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